Sunday 18 August 2013

Milky Way

Later the same night when I took the first shot of the moon,  I decided to give it a try to the Milky Way. It's a photograph that I've been willing to try since I first new about the astrophotography. I read a lot about how to do it and the sky was clear enough to try.

I took my time manually phocusing the 24mm f/2.8 that I borrowed for the ocassion. Tried different ISO configuration and shutter times and then I got started. As I don't have a remote shutter releaser I set the shutter timer to two seconds and hope that it was enough, I started shooting. After 10 shots, the dew started to affect the sharpness of the images so I took a while for cleaning it. Finally, I took 27 shots in RAW that were good enough for me and 7 darks for cleaning the noise of the high ISO.

This is my first attempt on stacking with Deep Sky Stacker. I took the 27 light frames and 7 darks. During the stacking I used only the best 15 frames to a total exposure time of 4min 12s. The moon had just set so there is a lot of light just in the horizon.

I'm pretty happy with the result but I think I can get more information from the frames I have. Once I know more about the program and the process I will give the frames another try. Also I'm pretty new to the curves and levels and probably with more experience I can get more from this image.

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